The Boothby Charities

These two charities, the Boothby Charity for the Poor and the Boothby Educational Scheme, originate from the will of Dame Susannah Boothby who died in 1823. They are for the benefit of people resident in the parishes of Harkstead and Erwarton.

The objects of the Boothby Charity for the Poor are 'the general benefit of poor'. They include the assistance of anyone undertaking training for employment. The trustees are not permitted to commit themselves to making 'recurring grants' to anyone.

The objects of the Boothby Educational Scheme are '... promoting the education, including social and physical training, of young persons who have not attained the age of 25 years ...'.

The trustees attempt to match the grant of benefits to changing social conditions. In recent years they have been very aware of the financial strain on university students, and have been helping them with the purchase of books and equipment, but they are willing to consider any application and welcome information from third parties who may be aware of people in need who are reluctant to seek assistance for themselves.

Details of current trustees and the finances of the two charities can be found on the internet at Boothby Charity for the Poor and Boothby Educational Foundation. At present (January 2014) the trustees are:

John Abbott, John Carey, Ralph Catchpole, Rodney Freeman, Rev Liesbeth Oosterhof, Tony Roberts and Wendy Sadler.

John Henry Cartwright Trust

Updated September 2013

'Jackie' Cartwright lived with his mother in the middle of the three redbrick cottages opposite the Ipswich Road junction. In his latter years he spent a lot of time in his front garden talking to everyone who passed by on their way to the pub, the shop - which was then part of the pub building, or the post office which was in the next door cottage, then moved to the bungalow opposite and finally moved to Ipswich Road until its closure. His mother died in the early 1970's and he became owner of the cottage. On his death in May 1973, he left the proceeds of the sale of his cottage for the benefit of older residents of the village by way of a gift of £2 on the 7th December each year, which had been his mother’s birthday.

The money was invested but with very few residents applying for the gift, the capital sum gradually accumulated to approx £36,000. In 1986, mainly due to the efforts of Vic Last, who had lived in Harkstead and still had family living there, a new Charity was set up with the aim of distributing the December gift on a wider scale. It was decided that the capital should be invested in a better, tax effective scheme and anyone over the age of 65 resident in the village on 7th December of each year should be entitled to a share of the annual income, with a preference being shown to those over the age of 75. The Trustees of this scheme are John Abbott, Margaret Harward, Vic Last and Eddie Ardern.

Since 1986 50 – 60 gifts have been paid every year, with those over 75 getting approx. twice as much as the younger recipients. Every November previous recipients receive an invitation to apply again and a notice goes up on the village noticeboard inviting new applications. A note also goes in the Parish Magazine in order to reach those who don't come into the middle of the village.

A lovely gift to the people of Harkstead.

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