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Withdrawal of 98 &98A Bus Service

Below is a note from Sally Wilden, 10 October 2017

I returned last night from Harkstead Parish Council meeting dismayed by the news about withdrawal of our bus service route. Simon Leatherdalde, Chaiman of Harkstead Parish Council summed up the issue. Suffolk County Council propose to withdraw the bus service of 98 and 98a(Shotley, Erwarton to Ipswich) from 30TH OCTOBER 2017, the exception will be the early morning school bus and 15.15 bus from Ipswich. The reasons given for withdrawal are 'poor patronage and low revenue on off peak journeys', making the running costs of this route higher than average. SCC suggests using a connecting service run by Hadliegh Community Transport to Holbrook or Shotley note NOT IPSWICH, THAT HAS TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE AND IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. If any of you have had experience of using the Community Transport service you will know its availability is a very hit and miss affair. Certainly can't be relied on if you're trying to connect with rail service.

Dave Wood suggested two things for Harkstead residents to take action. Write to the Senior Transport Officer expressing deep concern about this proposal with a copy to David Wood and Simon Leatherdalde. Secondly, please use the bus service Use it or lose it is exactly what we are now facing. You may not use the service extensively but there may come a time when independent transport is not an option for you and you may be very glad of a local bus to Ipswich. I know a number of elderly residents and young people too who will be terribly disadvantaged if this proposal goes ahead. For the sake of others as well as ourselves, please consider making a few journeys into Ipswich by bus. Please email or write to the Transport Officer, raising concerns and requesting reconsideration of this issue.

We have only about 20 days to make our views known to SCC on this matter. So write to Andrew Gee address below with a copy to David Wood and Simon Leatherdalde so everyone is kept in the picture. David Wood is there to represent our views.

As you can see very little time is left to register your concern so we need to take action now. We will only be able to influence the process if significant numbers express their concern. E-Mail and address details are below:

My thanks to Richard Pryke who keeps us informed of these transport issues.

Best regards,


Click here to view the routes 98 and 202 timetables from the Ipswich Buses website.

Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities Babergh covers the whole of the Babergh area and is operated by ourselves - Hadleigh Community Transport Group who have extensive experience of operating Community Transport for over 17 years.

The service is available from 7 am to 7 pm Monday - Saturday subject to pre-booking and availability. Office hours for bookings and enquiries is Monday - Friday 9 am - 3 pm - tel 01473 826242. We could collect someone from a bus stop or other convenient point and take to connect with another bus service or can take passengers to destinations within the operating area - a fare may be charged for this service.

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